Monday, May 16, 2011

they just dont steal from the rich

They tell you they only stole camp Zoë because they wouldn’t join them in their fraudulent drug war, camp Zoë was just letting the people camp and party in peace. Against the talibombs phony morality but with all the boarded up buildings in North St. Louis Do you really believe that they would turn a blind eye to the poor and the black? That those people are just bad money managers or couldn’t prosper enough to break the cycle of poverty? Do you really believe they only make designer steroids for the jocks and only control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson’s drug, they had to do something to enforce their Jim crow laws, and with two shootings a night in every major city you can be assured that they are just helping these people out, while these backstabbing talibomb even want to steal the $ from the school children, they will tell you there were no criminals in East L.A. no one in California needed the $ more than some racist scum to fly out there and turn a tax paying business into a liability for the tax payer. How long are these talibomb scum going to continue to target the American entrepreneur, gutting our cities with their crime and violence destroying our property values and carrying out genocide in the name of helping these people out? How long will the Christian be criminalized for failing to condemn God and all his creation? Read more in the book
About Christians and

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